The New York Aquarium has always been known for its amazing exhibits; from black-footed penguins to sea lions, they put on a display of marine life that you won’t want to miss. The latest exhibit, “Ocean Wonders: Sharks!” features a stunning array of 118 marine species in a low light, interactive exhibit. The exhibit features a beautiful new building with nine different galleries.

The exhibit highlights 18 different shark and ray species including three native to New York: sand tiger sharks, sandbar sharks, and nurse sharks. In the “Discover New York Waters” gallery, visitors will learn about the marine ecosystems present off the coast of New York. In the exhibit you can also learn about why the geography and current patterns of the New York coast allow for those species to thrive in these unique conditions. The 62,000-gallon gallery will feature these species along with colorful anemones. You can also catch sight of some other note-worthy species including the zebra shark, the blacktip reef shark, the cownose ray, and the loggerhead sea turtle. The gallery will also introduce the new NY Seascape initiative focusing on shark conservation in New York waters.

In the “Sharks Up Close” gallery, visitors will be able to explore, discover, and learn about these incredible animals.  In the “Sharks In Peril” gallery, visitors will learn about the threats of bycatch and finning and the extent of the decimation of many shark species. Furthermore, visitors learn why it is hard for sharks to rebound from overfishing. Throughout the exhibit, visitors are introduced to conservation organizations to learn about their advocacy work.

The 800,000-gallon exhibit is also home to 115 additional species of fish and plants! Watch them swim among the sharks or together in one of the brightly colored windows.

But, the marine life isn’t all; the exhibit contains a breathtaking tunnel filled with a colorful coral reef! Visitors walk through the underwater tunnel and see a rich ecosystem with various shark and fish species around them.

The exhibit has activities for all ages; explore the different rooms for answers to questions and other fun facts about the misunderstood species you get to see behind the glass. Using video, interactive media, mechanical interactives, compelling graphics, and live animals, visitors will learn about the marine ecosystem and different preservation efforts. In the interactive gallery, “Shipwreck!” visitors walk along the hull of a local shipwreck and see where sharks would be swimming nearby.

With its incredible diversity of marine life and coral reef species, “Ocean Wonders: Sharks!” is sure to be a memorable experience.

The New York Aquarium is located on Surf Avenue & West 8th Street in Brooklyn, New York 11224. The surrounding area is accessible by the F, Q, N, and D trains and the B36 and B68 trains. Additional transport directions are available on New York Aquarium website. Tickets are available online and at the aquarium. In appreciation of the City’s support for the New York Aquarium, tickets are half price from June 30 – September 3, 2018.





Photo Credit: Arnaud Montagard