One of the great things about Atlantic Avenue is the variety of businesses, from antique shops and high end clothing boutiques to perfumeries and Islamic bookstores. Whether you’re shopping for something specific or want to spend a leisurely afternoon popping in and out of stores, it offers a dizzying range of options.



The only way to truly understand Brooklyn is to walk its streets, see its homes, meet its people, and understand its ebb and flow. Never before has looking for a home in Brooklyn been this exciting.

Stop by Elliman’s Brooklyn Heights office located at 156 Montague St.

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One of the longest streets in Brooklyn, Atlantic Avenue goes all the way from Brooklyn Heights to the Long Island Railroad Station in Jamaica, Queens, but today we will be focusing on the section between Atlantic Terminal and the Brooklyn waterfront. Every autumn, this stretch of Atlantic Avenue is the home of The Atlantic Antic, an immensely popular street fair with live bands, children’s attractions, shopping, and a variety of food and beer that puts all other New York street fairs to shame. The Antic has been going strong since 1974, even earning a mention in a Beastie Boys track.

The Atlantic Antic | click wrrr via Flickr

Atlantic Avenue retains a connection to its architectural past through its many unique storefronts, brick townhouses, and former factory buildings. This primary Brooklyn artery, once filled with streetcars pulled by horses and later by an electrified rail line, continues to serve as a conduit for pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and as the main commercial destination for the thriving neighborhoods around it.trans-7112725 (more…)