Your pets are more than just your best friends – they’re part of the family. You want to treat them, but you don’t want to just trust anyone. No worries! Here are six of the best pet pampering places, in Brooklyn, that love your pets just as much as you do.


Bushwick Bark (Bushwick)

This place really has it all — a great selection of toys, food and supplies, a dog wash (including flea bath options), a friendly neighborhood vibe and animal fostering programs. Their groomers come very highly recommended too.


Vinny’s Pet Shop (Bay Ridge)

If you’re looking for organic, holistic and locally-made pet products, Vinny’s is the place. They’re also known for remembering you, your pet, and generally being a friendly mom-and-pop place to shop.

muddy-paws-williamsburg-5489340Puppy spa at Muddy Paws

Muddy Paws (Williamsburg)

When you wash your dog in your apartment you have to wash your dog and then clean your entire bathroom. At Muddy Paws, you can simply use the dog washing station, and–while you still might get a little wet yourself, depending on how energetic your pooch is–they’ll clean up when you’re gone. They also have cat and kitten adoptions most Saturdays and sell “kitty dime bags” of catnip.

Brooklyn Beasts Photography (Boerum Hill)

Your pet needs a special spot on the wall alongside the rest of your friends and family, of course. Brooklyn Beasts’ pet portraits perfectly capture all of that personality you love so much.


Tokie (Williamsburg)

So you really just want the most ridiculous, fun little costume, hoodie or coat for your pooch? Just head to Tokie and let the adorable overwhelm you.

bark-slope-salon-puppy-9761659Ready for Brooklyn Pride | Bark Slope

Bark Slope Salon (Park Slope)

Sometimes your pooch needs more than a wash, a whole nail trimming, ear cleaning, hair cut and grooming session is in order. Bark Slope Salon will make your pooch even prettier and they also offer cat cleaning if your kitty needs a little extra pampering.