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Primarily, we’re a wholesale operation, meaning you can find our goods in various places around NYC and Long Island. We do have a cupcake “rotation.” Since we have over 350 flavors and counting, it would be completely impossible for us to offer all of them every day. Also, we work with a lot of seasonal ingredients that are only at their peak a few weeks a year, and want to make sure we get a shot to showcase the best stuff on Earth when it rolls around.

December 7 at 2:48pm

Here’s another great make-ahead gift you can bang out this weekend in almost no time at all, and for less than ten bucks a person: Cranberry Vinegar. Try adding a splash of this stuff to a pot of butternut squash soup right before serving — makes the whole thing come alive. Also good for salads, marinades, cocktails, fragrant science fair volcanos and more! Recipe link on my site as well as on @foodnetwork. #cranberry #holidaygifts #ediblegifts #handmadeholiday

December 5 at 5:57pm

We’re 20 day our from Christmas, so now‘s the time to start getting those homemade gifts ready. We made this kumquat limoncello recipe for Food Network last season and got so many compliments on it — as well as requests for more this year (we got you Uncle Steve). Tie a tag around it’s neck with serving instructions (store in freezer, dilute with some club soda/ice water). Maybe print out some cocktail ideas from @thatsfestiveaf on pretty paper and stick that in the giftbag. Whole shebang is impressive as hell and will run you less than ten bucks. Take all the money you save and blow it on booze for yourself. #limoncello #homemadegifts #kumquat #liqueur #diy #imadethat #foodnetwork

December 5 at 2:56pm

I don’t know why anyone would head to a big box store for their holiday shopping when your local businesses have far more interesting stuff. A huge favorite of mine (which is featured in my bestselling book 111 Places in Baltimore That You Must Not Miss) is Bazaar up in Hampden, which specializes in “oddities” (scroll through for more pics). There’s things like taxidermy, Victorian death photography and primitive medical instruments. If your parents aren’t into things like antique Ouija boards or gopher fetuses preserved in formaldehyde, you can find more conventional gifts like jewelry and stuff. I’m pretty sure your parents want a dead monkey head, though.#baltimore #mybmore #taxidermy #shoplocal @ Bazaar

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