Brooklyn being as progressive as it is, it isn’t too hard to find a good vegetarian or vegan meal. Some are even tasty enough to please your non-vegan friends. Here are six excellent vegan restaurants to try around the borough, including Latin dishes, diner food, pan-Asian, and a seriously good brunch.


V Spot (Park Slope) caters to a number of dietary restrictions. The low-key eatery serves vegan, kosher, and gluten-free food for lunch and dinner. Many of the dishes have a Latin flair to them, but the menu isn’t confined to one cuisine. Favorites include the Vegan BLT, the Chipotle Seitan Wrap, the empanadas and the Bandeja Paisa.

“Meat” balls at V-Spot courtesy of Facebook.

luannes-wild-ginger-brooklyn-asian-vegan-restaurant-teriyaki-seitan-5948517Teriyaki seitan at LuAnne’s | Siv L. via Yelp

LuAnne’s Wild Ginger (Boerum Hill)
This Pan-Asian vegan spot specializes in seitan and soy. The seitan is considered some of the best in Brooklyn, and there’s a large menu that offers it in different styles. You can also expect such typical Asian dishes as Jap-Chae and Mei Fun with lots of vegetables and marinated tofu.

dao-palate-brooklyn-vegan-restaurant-cheesecake-4815774Vegan cheesecake at Dao Palate | Matt F. via Yelp

Dao Palate (Park Slope)

This relaxed restaurant serves up Pan-Asian vegan cuisine. Brooklyn vegans love this spot for flavorful dishes that aren’t coated in sweet or gooey sauces. The smoked seitan is a favorite on the menu, alongside the pumpkin soup, Jap Chap, Pineapple Curry, Singapore Mei Fun and Sweet Citrus Soy Protein.

Black bean, tofu, and Mushroom burger | Champs via Facebook

Champs (Williamsburg)

Think of Champs as a greasy spoon diner for vegans. Their comfort food menu includes black bean burgers, tofu benedict, french toast, breakfast burritos and vegan baked goods. A great place for vegans to bring their non-vegan friends, as everyone digs the food and the retro diner vibe. Do note that it’s cash only.

sun-in-bloom-brooklyn-vegan-restaurant-4253111A raw, gluten free positive energy meal | Sun in Bloom via Facebook 

Sun in Bloom (Park Slope)
Inside this airy, comfortable kitchen there are a selection of gluten-free, vegan, raw and kosher dishes. Healthy is the word here: you’ll find lots of veggie, tempeh, and granola selections. There are also vegan takes on traditional meals, like the shitake bacon BLT and the “Reuben” special with tempeh, Russian dressing, housemade sauerkraut, and avocado.

mob-brooklyn-vegan-restaurant-macro-bowl-7795188Macro bowl | M.O.B. via Facebook

M.O.B. (Boerum Hill)
There’s a lot going on at this popular vegan spot: big communal tables, an outdoor patio, all-you-can-eat kale chips and live music on weekends. Their vegan-friendly brunch menu includes pancakes and scrambles. Other popular dishes include the MOB Burger, mac and cheese, and the MOB dog.

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