One of Brooklyn’s wonders is Prospect Park, and the best way to explore it is by participating in a scavenger hunt with Hack the Park team. The race is not a guided tour but a scavenger hunt, in which Hack the Park will facilitate fascinating discoveries, from fun with fungi to finding great park monuments. You can explore Prospect Park with the Museum Hack and FUJIFILM Instax for a crazy adventure full of uncovered history and small wonders. The Hack the Park team will make you notice even the smallest living thing, like mushrooms and, of course, squirrels.

Attendees of all ages will join FUJIFILM Instax and Museum Hack, as they show you the natural beauty and history of Prospect Park, and capture your discoveries for every. The Race- style hack takes small teams of 3 to 5 people on a journey through Prospect Park’s incredible history, from the glacier erratic, to the engineers who created the park, up until today. If you hop onto this journey, you will learn the history, biology and modern relevance of the park. Some of the challenges include:

  • Prospect Park Bingo
  • Physical and digital challenges with FUJIFILM Instax
  • Tree Identify-and-Seek
  • Historical reenactments

Before you start the race, each team will be given a Fuji’s wireless hand-held printers to complete the challenges.


Photo by the Museum Hack via Eventbrite

One of the challenges was to go to the Litchfield Villa, an Italianate mansion that was built from 1854 to 1857 before becoming part of Prospect Park. It was a fun challenge, as participants are given the opportunity to become part of the historic Brooklyn Litchfield family and take a glamorous picture with a stack of money and other old villa items.

Photo via Brownstoner

Photo by Explore BK

Another challenge is the Litter Bug, which aims to educate people about sustainability by picking up litter in a fun way.  We all like to see our parks clean, but they don’t stay clean by themselves, so Litter Bugs do the best they can to keep the park clean. The best way to leave a lighter footprint is by taking a picture of your team throwing away some litter, and then showing it to your friends who couldn’t join the scavenger hunt.

Photo by Explore Bk

Photo by Explore BK