On September 11, most Americans can’t help but think back to the events of 2001. This is especially true for New Yorkers, many of whom have vivid and painful memories of that day.

Visitors to New York City may be planning to visit the site of the former World Trade Center, the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, and the new One World Trade Center building, currently the tallest building in the United States. Here you can see the pools where the former “Twin Towers” used to stand, see artifacts from the site, and remember the many people who were lost in the attacks.


If you’re heading to the World Trade Center site from Brooklyn, here’s how to get there by subway, by ferry, and by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Getting from Brooklyn to the World Trade Center by Subway

Most, but not all, of the subway lines going through Brooklyn will take you within a few blocks of the World Trade Center or 9/11 Memorial Museum.  If you see any of these subways near where you are, simply take a train heading to Manhattan.

— Take the green lines (4 or 5) to Fulton Street

Take the red lines (2 or 3) to Park Place

— Take the blue lines (A or C) to Fulton Street

— Take the brown lines (J or Z) to Fulton Street

Of the yellow lines (N, R, and Q), only the R stops near the World Trade Center, at Cortland Street.

— You can transfer from the N or Q to the 2/3, 4/5 or R at Atlantic Avenue-Barclays

None of the orange lines (D, B, F, and M) have stops that far downtown in Manhattan.

— You can transfer from the F to the R at Jay St–Metrotech, and get off at Cortland Street

— You can transfer from the D or B to the 2/3, 4/5 or R at Atlantic Avenue-Barclays

— You can transfer from the M to the J or Z at Essex Street, and get off at Fulton Street

National September 11 Memorial and Museum photo courtesy of Dogukan E. via Foursquare.

 National 9/11 Flag | Edmund T. via Foursquare

Getting from Brooklyn to the World Trade Center by Ferry

A good way to get perspective on the looming immensity of the lower Manhattan skyline is to approach the island by water. The East River Ferry service runs from Manhattan to Brooklyn and Queens across the East River.

The East River Ferry stops in Brooklyn at the following locations:

Greenpoint: India Street and the East River [GMAP]

Williamsburg: Two stops, one at North 6th Street [GMAP] and one at Schaefer Landing [GMAP]

Fulton Landing in Brooklyn Heights/Dumbo, at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 [GMAP]

The last southbound stop of the ferry is at Pier 11 in Manhattan, one block south of Wall Street and east of Front Street in the financial district, about a 20-minute walk from the site. To get to the 9/11 Tribute Center from there, walk west on Wall Street, take a right onto Broadway, and a left on to Liberty Street. Liberty Street will take you to the World Trade Center [GMAP].

Check the East River Ferry website for schedules and more details.

National 9/11 Memorial and Museum | Samuele V. via Foursquare

Getting from Brooklyn to the World Trade Center by Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge

According to Google Maps, it takes just about an hour to walk to the World Trade Center from Downtown Brooklyn, a journey many Brooklynites made in reverse on that fateful day.

You can find the two Brooklyn entrances to the Brooklyn Bridge here.

At the Manhattan end of the bridge, you’ll exit onto City Hall Park. The City Hall building opened in 1812, and still houses the offices of the Mayor of New York City.  Turn left to walk along the edge of the park on Park Row. Cross Broadway and turn left. On this block you’ll find St. Paul’s Chapel, the oldest church in New York City. It miraculously survived 9/11 without even a broken window, and volunteers worked there around the clock for months after to provide rest, refuge, and emotional support to the recovery workers at the WTC site.

Turn right onto Cortland, and walk two blocks to Greenwich Street. [GMAP].