When you think of iconic Brooklyn dishes, you may think of pizza, or Nathan’s Famous hot dogs. Sushi is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But Americans spend about $2.25 billion on sushi every year, an increase of 24% from 2010 to 2014. When it comes to food that Americans love, you know that Brooklyn is going to try to do it better. Here are six Brooklyn sushi restaurants worth putting down the pizza for.

Sushi Katsuei (Park Slope)
Situated in the same space that was once home to popular eateries Barrio and Casa Ventura, Sushi Katsuei is a Park Slope favorite and a New York Times critics pick. Their sushi bar seats ten, ideal for watching the fastidious chefs at work. Visitors can select from 28 different fish choices for their sushi or sashimi — from Maine sea urchin to red sea bream to anago (salt-water eel) — all prepared in the classical style. For a sublime experience, indulge in the omakase, where the chef hand-picks a sushi or sashimi combination menu for you.

Sushi Katsuei photo courtesy of Jeanne L. via Yelp.

Bozu | Jane L. via Yelp

Bozu (Williamsburg)
Those visiting this cozy spot in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood will find themselves enamored with the restaurant’s decor of richly stained wood and soft lighting. The sushi is the centerpiece of a menu that offers a selection of savory items that would do any izakaya proud. Fan-favorite sushi choices at Bozu are the hamachi roll made with yellow tail and scallion and the Mexican-influenced Guacamole Tuna Roll.

Ki roll, fashion roll &salmon Marc S. via Yelp

Ki Sushi (Cobble Hill)
Ki Sushi is as well known for its hot appetizers as for its sushi. Critics and patrons alike rave about the garlic scallops with spicy mango salsa, the trout fish cakes, and especially the eggplant miso. The signature Ki Roll is an audacious concoction of tuna, salmon, and yellowtail topped with king crab, avocado, caviar and gold leaf. Other special rolls, just as over-the-top, are named after popular Japanese anime series Naruto and Pikachu.

Taro Sushi Yimei M. via Yelp

Taro Sushi (Park Slope)
Taro Sushi is owned and operated by a veteran sushi chef who came to the States from Saitama, Japan, sixteen years ago. The restaurant strives to acquaint its customers with the delicacy of edomae sushi. Edomae sushi emphasizes the Japanese preference for fresh fish—such as fluke—that possess light and subtle flavors. The menu options are dazzling in their variety and include specialized rolls such as the Saba Gari and an extensive omakase menu.

Tuna Bomb and Veggie Futomaki Roll | Pauline M. via Yelp

Momo Sushi Shack (Bushwick)
In fitting with its  Momo Sushi Shack a well-regarded eatery of late. Their menu boasts an eclectic array of sushi rolls like the roasted salmon Oyaku roll and an omakase menu featuring sashimi directly from the famed Tsukiji market in Tokyo.

suhi-brooklyn-yamato-restaurant-7110972Yamato Restaurant | Irene C. via Yelp

Yamato Restaurant (Park Slope)
Yamato has been a Park Slope standby for ages. Its sleek and modern interior aesthetic includes a waterfall garden and has been a go-to for its a la carte menu. Those visiting Yamato can feast on traditional items like white tuna and also sample more seasonal fare like blue fin toro and red clam.

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