The G train offers a Brooklyn to Queens crosstown local service, from Church Avenue in Brooklyn to Court Square in Long Island City, Queens. There are 21 total stops on the train, 19 of which are in Brooklyn (and it even has a secret portal). No other train is so Brooklyn based, so it’s the perfect line to explore a number of different neighborhoods in the borough.

Prospect Park G train station | Allen1628famm via YouTube

15th Street — Prospect Park [GMAP]
This is the third stop along the G line (beginning from Church Avenue) and will let you out near the southern end of Prospect Park. From here, you could walk straight into the park to explore for the day. Or you could walk through Park Slope — just walk north from the train up to Prospect Park West/8th Avenue. This scenic drag borders both the park and the neighborhood. If you’d rather exit the train in the heart of Park Slope, get off at the 7th Avenue stop [GMAP].

smith-street-brooklyn-explore-g-train-2270862Smith Street | Matthew Hurst via Flickr

Bergen Street [GMAP] and Carroll Street [GMAP]
These two stops will drop you off in the Carroll Gardens area — the Carroll Street stop is a little farther south than the Bergen Street Stop. Both trains exit on Smith Street, where there is a lot of shopping. And you can find great bars and restaurants in the BoCoCa area (Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens).

olea-mediterranean-fort-greene-restaurant-brooklyn-turkish-breakfast-3380332Turkish breakfast at Olea | Lily C. via Yelp

Fulton Street [GMAP] and Clinton/Washington [GMAP]
From Carroll Gardens, the G train goes north up to Fulton Street. There are two stops worth exploring once the train hits Fulton. The Fulton Street stop puts you in the heart of Fort Greene. You are within walking distance of the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Barclays Center, and bars, restaurants, and cafes.

The Clinton/Washington stop is a little farther east along Fulton, in Clinton Hill. It is less of a destination that the Fulton Street stop, but you’ll still find lots of fun restaurants along this stretch of Fulton, as well as surrounding brownstone streets.

do-or-dine-brooklyn-g-train-8519814Veggie gyoza | Do or Dine via Facebook

Bedford-Nostrand Avenues [GMAP]
This stop puts you in the center of Bed-Stuy. From here, if you continue south along Bedford, you’ll find a smattering of new restaurants and bars. (A popular restaurant near this G train stop is Do or Dine.) Turn along a side street to view some of the spectacular and unique architecture of the neighborhood.

barcade-brooklyn-nyc-4054819Barcade | via Facebook

Metropolitan Avenue [GMAP]
Now you’re in North Brooklyn — exit here, and you’re in Williamsburg, one of the hippest destinations in Brooklyn. Popular nearby spots include City Reliquary, a kooky museum, Barcade, and Kellogg’s Diner. It’s a little bit of a hike, but if you head west from here, you’ll hit the Williamsburg waterfront.

mccarren-park-williamsburg-greenpoint-g-train-brooklyn-7682661McCarren Park | Several seconds via Flickr

Nassau Avenue [GMAP] and Greenpoint Avenue [GMAP]
Toward the end of the line, the G train passes through Greenpoint. The Nassau Avenue spot will take you near the main drag of the neighborhood, near McCarren Park, Beacon’s Closet, and the popular Polish restaurant Lomzynianka.

The Greenpoint Avenue stop is located deeper in the neighborhood and closer to the waterfront. You’ll find a few Polish restaurants in the immediate vicinity like Christina’s and Karczma. Keep walking north, where you’ll find more warehouses alongside hip cafes, record stores, tattoo parlors, and restaurants.

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