Brooklyn is chock-a-block with some of the best, most diverse restaurants on the planet. But all of that great cuisine can get diners itching to develop their own culinary skills. Fortunately, there is no shortage of classes designed to help hobby cooks expand their dinner time repertoires. Here are a few.


Mukti’s Kitchen (Kensington) is the go-to place to learn how to prepare delicious and authentic Indian food. Classes are fun and interactive, and many of the recipes introduced are posted on Mukti’s blog, along with such helpful posts as, “three spices to help you through allergy season.” Check the Mukti’s Kitchen website for classes and gift certificate options.

Chana Masala photo courtesy of Mukti’s Kitchen via Yelp.

divine-taste-brooklyn-1669139Individual cooking stations | Divine Taste via Yelp

Divine Taste (Crown Heights)
Divine Taste says its Premier Cooking Class Series is designed for beginners looking to explore their hidden culinary talents. In fact, Divine Taste offers a wide variety of classes, including kids classes and “date night” courses for those looking to add spice to their kitchen and their relationship.

paella-class-brooklyn-kitchen-3361647Paella cooking class | Sarah J. via Yelp

The Brooklyn Kitchen (Williamsburg)
Clients who take classes at this Williamsburg store learn everything from basic knife skills to cocktails and pig butchering. They can also tackle such subjects as DIY canning, cheese making, and beer brewing. Courses are taught by skilled professionals and feature both regularly scheduled and seasonal options.

pancakes-green-apron-kitchen-4653868Pancakes | Green Apron Kitchen via Yelp

Green Apron Kitchen (Bensonhurst)
Green Apron Kitchen is the brainchild of four moms that were always on the look-out to find something fun yet educational to engage their own children. Cooking also helps kids learn math, geography, social skills, independence, motor skills, and nutrition. Selections include pizza making, baking, breakfast items, and more. Green Apron Kitchen offers classes for adults and for kids.

jam-making-brooklyn-brainery-7677199Jam making | Brooklyn Brainery via Facebook

Brooklyn Brainery (Prospect Heights)
This adult education center provides accessible, community-driven, crowd-sourced education. It offers classes in everything from from physics to Australian desserts, from HTML to shorthand. Cooking classes currently on offer include Vegetarian Sushi-making, Wontons & Dumplings, and Pierogi Love.

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