No doubt about it, Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg is the place to be if you’re hungry. Weekends from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Saturdays in Williamsburg and Sundays at Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park), you can choose from over 100 food vendors. The only hard parts will be deciding how much you can eat, and where to get it. Read on for ten of the vendors who will be vying for your taste buds.


Batter and Cream
Tired of mini-cupcakes yet? Three words: Homemade. Whoopie. Pies. Featuring unexpected flavors (raspberry cakes and green tea filling) as well as traditional (carrot cake and cream cheese), make sure to save some room for a decadent dessert from founder and native New Yorker Elizabeth Fife.

Butter and Cream photo courtesy of Facebook.

brooklyn-oyster-party-smorgasburg-4474972Raw Party | Brooklyn Oyster Party via Twitter 

Brooklyn Oyster Party
Shucking a variety of East Coast oysters from New York and Canada, Brooklyn Oyster Party delivers what they promise: an oyster party for your mouth. Simple and salty, we bet you can’t eat just one.

carnal-brooklyn-smorgasburg-food-vendor-9397072Slow cooked lamb breast | Carnal via Instagram 

There’s no chance of mistaking this for a vegetarian stall, not with that name and the aroma of meat wafting off the grill. Chefs Aaron Saurer and James Zamory combine the tastes of New York and Kentucky, resulting in slow-cooked beef short ribs, plummy pork belly, and lemony lamb breast. Tell your stomach to get ready.

goa-taco-brooklyn-smorgasburg-food-vendor-5806373Steak and Egg Feta Caprese | Goa Taco via Facebook 

Goa Taco
Kimchi tacos are so last year. Goa Tacos trade the tortilla for India’s buttery paratha flatbread, and chef Duvaldi Marneweck doesn’t stop there. With fillings like poached turkey breast bánh mì, spiced honey–roasted butternut squash, and recado rojo lamb shoulder, you won’t look at tacos the same way again.

gradys-cold-brew-brooklyn-creamsicle-smorgasburg-8713516The Grady’s Creamsicle | Cold Brew via Facebook 

Grady’s Cold Brew
Thirsty? Bottled right here in Brooklyn but with a taste of New Orleans, this concentrated coffee steeped overnight in chicory and spices is just what you need. Mixed with milk or cold water and then served over ice, grab a Grady’s Cold Brew to sip while you stroll around the stalls (or buy a bottle of your own for home caffeination).

home-frite-brooklyn-smorgasburg-food-vendor-9862134Crispy Fresh | Home Frite via Facebook

Home Frite
So that trip to Paris didn’t work out this year. Never fear, because Home Frite took shape in Brooklyn in 2013, and since then they have been serving up delicious hand-cut fries (gluten-free and with vegan options too) with a rotating cast of dipping sauces. Whether you opt for the poblano fraîche, the malt vinegar aioli, or maybe the “herb-ocado,” you won’t regret it.

noodle-lane-brooklyn-nyc-4677634Delicious Noodles | Jeffery A. via Foursquare

Noodle Lane
If you happen by Lane Li’s Noodle Lane, go for the Dan Dan noodles. Now that Brooklyn has its hands on the tongue-tingling Sichuan peppercorn, the traditional dish of egg noodles with minced pork, vegetables, scallions, and a savory sauce has a serious kick of authenticity. Cool your mouth off afterwards with a cold Sichuan cucumber salad.

peoples-pops-brooklyn-smorgasburg-5502272Fresh Pops | Peoples Pops via Facebook

People’s Pops
You’re going to work up a sweat running from one vendor to another, so take a break with shaved ice or an ice pop packed with local fresh fruit at People’s Pops. With flavors like rhubarb and star anise, blackberry and lemon verbena, and raspberry and cream, you might be tempted to work up another sweat so you deserve two.

raman-burger-brooklyn-nyc-5220912Tokyo Born Burger | Ramen Burger via Facebook

Ramen Burger
We know you’ve heard about it, it’s time to try it. Combining a prime ground beef burger and two “buns” made of noodles, Keizo Shimamoto serves up what Time Magazine called one of the “17 Most Influential Burgers of All Time”. Add a special shoyu glaze and some fresh vegetables (and some napkins) and you are ready to experience the Ramen Burger.

the-regal-vegan-brooklyn-nyc-8617870Avocado Sandwich | The Regal Vegan via Facebook

The Regal Vegan
Make sure you’ve left time for a stop at The Regal Vegan to sample their amazing vegan dips. Gobble up their foie gras alternative, made of walnuts, lentils, and onions, or their vegan cashew cheese spread. Perfect on a baguette, with crackers or veggies, healthiness never tasted so good.

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