For the festival, this will be a very special year. BFF is 20 years old and we all feel like celebrating! First of all, we want to celebrate our own film experience. Throughout the years, BFF has reviewed more than 30,000 projects and showed in competition roughly 2,000 films. Although no one single person involved with the festival can claim to have seen all the films we have handled, it is undeniable that we have all been deeply influenced by the massive content we embrace and breathe every year. We also want to celebrate the indie filmmaker! The most creative, resourceful, determined, smart, tough type of human being we know. We want to celebrate our audience, a very nice group of extreme thinkers easy to love. Finally, we want to celebrate Brooklyn, as we are fully aware our growth is directly proportional to the amazing popularity of our borough. Like for any other anniversary celebration, we felt that a gift was needed and appropriate. From this edition, BFF will increase the number of films/screenings. We will play between 130 and 150 films and, as usual, each film will play twice. Roughly a 20-30% increase from last year. Happy Anniversary!