The origins of the s’more (a contraction of “some more,” as in “Please give me some more of those”) are obscure, but we do know that they were already a popular campfire treat for American Boy and Girl Scouts in the 1920s. Kids everywhere have grown to love the gooey marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker treats. Fortunately for those of us who haven’t outgrown our sweet tooths, these six Brooklyn hot spots have s’mores on the menu.

Camp (Cobble Hill)
Camp is a little bit of country in the big city. A mounted deer head, working fireplace, and log cabin interior bring a cozy vibe to the bar. Board games, a weekend DJ, and a tray of s’mores fixings paired with a fun and flirty girl scout martini are just a few things that make a visit here feel like an adult camping trip.

Camp photo courtesy of Emiliya P. via Yelp.

banana-bread-dessert-brooklyn-new-york-city-8453155Banana bread s’mores | Shirley T. via Yelp

Montana’s Trail House (Bushwick)
This Bushwick favorite features two rooms of Appalachian-inspired decor and a secret door disguised as a bookcase that leads to an outdoor patio. The Montana’s Trail House version of s’mores comes melted with brown butter and bittersweet chocolate on top of banana bread.

Make your own s’mores at Station | Michelle R. via Yelp

Station (Williamsburg)
Station is a French bistro serving up new American cuisine and cocktails. Satisfy your sugar craving with the tableside s’mores, along with a mini campfire and your choice of milk or dark Brooklyn-made chocolate.

A slice of s’mores pie | Mike C. via Yelp

Butter & Scotch (Crown Heights)
Butter & Scotch is Brooklyn’s first craft cocktail and dessert bar. It will be difficult for those with a sweet tooth to stay away from menu items like the warm peppermint patty cocktail, salted chocolate chip cookie, sticky toffee trifle, and, of course, the s’mores pie. You can also place online orders for their cakes, pies, or cupcakes for delivery or in-store pickup.

S’mores calzone | Mike C. via Yelp

Emily (Clinton Hill)
This rustic, cozy corner local is known for having some of the best pizza and burgers around. And for dessert, Emily offers a different take on s’mores putting marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker inside of a calzone.

S’mores wontons | Jesse C. via Yelp

Boomwich (Boerum Hill)
The down-to-earth Boomwich serves up gourmet sandwiches to a hip-hop soundtrack. Peter Entner, known for his crazy pizzas, has created a place to get a classic hero with a high end spin. Don’t leave without picking up some s’more wontons to go!

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