You’ve probably been inundated with email upon email in your inbox from retail stores offering major sales for the holidays since you polished off that last slice of Thanksgiving turkey. And while the latest gadget or trendy pair of boots might be nice, nothing warms the heart like a gift that’s handmade. Here’s a few places that will let you create your own gifts for the holidays.


The Painted Pot (Park Slope, Bay Ridge, Carroll Gardens)
The Painted Pot is a full-fledged pottery studio with three locations in Brooklyn. Each location gives visitors the chance to make and decorate their own small hand-crafted pottery as well as the opportunity to take classes in mosaic art, glass fusion and acrylic painting on canvas. There’s also a more involved pottery wheel course that is offered at the Carroll Gardens location, for those who want to make more intricate pieces.

The Painted Pot photo courtesy of Facebook.

Wooden beads | Brooklyn Bead Box via Facebook

Brooklyn Bead Box (Carroll Gardens)
Rediscover the joy of making your own jewelry at this cozy boutique, where they offer a wide variety artisanal jewelry, beads, and semi-precious stones like turquoise and lapis lazuli. They also carry a stock of supplies for artisans and hobbyists alike.

Kiln and Flamework space via UrbanGlass 

UrbanGlass (Fort Greene)
Located within the venerable Strand Theater, which has been part of the landscape of Downtown Brooklyn since 1918, UrbanGlass has promoted glass-related art and its creation for close to four decades. They offer a slew of classes related to glassware such as glassblowing and flameworking, and a shop where patrons can purchase glass art from bowls to detailed sculptures.

Adult painting party via Baked in Brooklyn

Baked In Brooklyn (Williamsburg)
This independently-owned craft studio places a heavy emphasis on the joy of pottery. Baked In Brooklyn gives visitors a chance to pick out pieces to paint and detail to their liking under the watchful eye of helpful staff members. They also offer classes in silkscreening and mosaic work to go with lessons on pottery throwing.

Glass painting in progress via Brooklyn Craft Company 

Brooklyn Craft Company (Greenpoint) Brooklyn Craft Company has established itself as a prime DIY craft studio for the past few years, with focus squarely on those who want to indulge their creative side in balance with their busy daily lives. Housed in a

prim brick-and-mortar space, visitors can partake in classes dedicated to a multitude of crafts that include quilting and jewelry-making. They even have specialized classes devoted to making holiday gifts.

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