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October 10, 2014 @ 8:00 pm

Doors at 6 PM. 21+
MarchFourth was dubbed “poster child for ‘Party of the Year’” by NPR Music says MarchFourth makes Portland look like “the grooviest place in America.” They bring an energy, sound and style that takes the live concert experience to a new level of fun, turning unsuspecting concert-goers into fans for life and transforming ordinary events into joyous celebrations. Aside from their one-of-a-kind upcycled marching band uniforms, their 5-piece percussion corps and the 7-part brass section, MarchFourth is far from a “marching band” in any traditional sense (though this group of about 20 has been known to parade down Main Street before taking the stage). Their original music is anchored by funky electric bass and has been evolving into a rocking guitar- and vocal-driven journey from the swamps of Louisiana to the gypsy camps of eastern Europe to the African jungle by way of Brazil, echoing the deepest grooves of American funk, rock, and jazz. That’s all boiled together and framed in cinematic fashion by high-stepping stilt-acrobatics and dazzling dancers. It’s “the kind of spectacle that deserves the word ‘awesome,’” (says the Atlanta Journal Constitution). This genre-busting, in-your-face experience is not to be missed! What began as a Fat Tuesday party in Portland, OR on March 4, 2003, has since become one of the nation’s best live touring acts.