For the unfamiliar, kosher food is prepared specifically to rules set by Jewish law. Being that Brooklyn has a strong Jewish community, it’s not difficult to eat kosher here. And the kosher food in Brooklyn goes way beyond traditional Jewish food — expect fusion food, sushi, Mexican, and more. Whether you are looking for new restaurants to keep kosher, or you’d like to try kosher dining for the first time, these are six great places to try.

(Please note that most kosher restaurants are closed for Shabbat, which means they may be closed for part or all of Fridays and Saturdays. Check each website for details.)


Glatt A La Carte (Borough Park)
Glatt A La Carte is an upscale kosher restaurant, with some locals considering it the best kosher restaurant in all of Borough Park. (Expect to pay for a nice night out here.) The dishes are well-cooked, well-seasoned, and nicely plated, and the menu offers a nice variety. There’s a selection of burgers, salads, heros, steaks, fish, and even sushi.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.