There are tons of great places to eat in Brooklyn, but then there are the places to eat in Brooklyn. The classic, tried-and-true restaurants that aren’t just dining establishments — they are Brooklyn icons. Here are five of those classic, unmistakably Brooklyn spots, serving up excellent steak, cheesecake, pizza, hotdogs… and of course, Brooklyn attitude.

 peter-luger-steakhouse-porterhouse-new-york-6394771Peter Luger porterhouse with sides | Nick Solares via

Peter Luger (Williamsburg)
Peter Luger has been around Williamsburg since 1887 — a mere four years after the Brooklyn Bridge opened. Year after year, this restaurant has been named one of the best steakhouses in New York City. Peter Luger even has its own on-site dry-aging facilities, to ensure their steaks are exceptional even before they’re butchered. (For an excellent article on Peter Luger’s process, check out this article on As you’d guess, this meal is going to be expensive — expect to spend at least $100 per person (cash only!) for a full steak dinner with all the fixings. The place is always booming, so a reservation is highly recommended, and usually reservations have to be made weeks in advance.  (more…)