It’s hard to shake a craving for a milkshake once you’ve got it. Luckily these four Brooklyn spots serve up mean shakes, from your classic ice cream milkshake to more creative varieties like bubble tea shakes. Here are the four best places to order a milkshake in Bushwick, Carroll Gardens, Williamsburg, Borough Park, and Clinton Hill.

Arepera Guacuco (Bushwick)
This low-key Venezuelan restaurant is known for serving affordable, well-executed arepas, but you’d be making a huge mistake not to pair your arepa with a Cocada. The menu aptly describes this drink, which costs $4, as an “Amazing coconut milkshake.” It’s topped off with cinnamon and a maraschino cherry — the absolute perfect way to end your meal here.

Amazing coconut milkshake photo courtesy of Pinky And The B. via Yelp.

momofuku-milk-bar-milkshake-carroll-gardens-williamsburg-brooklyn-7939363The Espresso Shake | Michael P. via Yelp

Momofuku Milk Bar (Carroll Gardens and Williamsburg)
If you are looking to go above and beyond the average ice cream shake, Momofuku Milk Bar is your place. This beloved New York City dessert hotspot mixes its famous soft serve ice cream with organic whole milk to make an amazing shake. The most popular soft serve flavor is cereal milk, but each Momofuku Milk Bar location carries other rotating flavors. The Williamsburg location also offers fancy shakes — soft serve blended with a variety of mix-ins like corn powder, vodka, and Kahlua. Prices on shakes range from $6 to $9.

t-baar-brooklyn-milkshakes-bubble-tea-2085132Bubble tea and smoothies | Daniel Z. via Yelp

T Baar (Borough Park)
For a shake of the bubble tea variety, T Baar is one of the best. T Baar has four locations around Borough Park and Dyker Heights. There’s an extensive menu of both hot and cold drinks, including fruit smoothies, milk tea, and matcha shakes. And of course, any type of shake will taste better with the addition of bubbles.

clinton-park-cafe-2581092Yummy milkshakes | Divya P. via Yelp

Clinton Park Café (Clinton Hill)
This cozy local cafe is a good spot for a classic ice cream milkshake. Order one of the delicious chocolate or vanilla shakes to accompany your burger, fries, wrap, or sandwich. The shake is a bargain at $2.95 and a must-order for a perfect diner-style meal.

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