Greenpoint, located just north of Williamsburg, has morphed over the years from a Polish-American enclave to a multi-cultural hotspot for young Brooklynites. New restaurants and bars stay open late into the night, catering to residents and visitors alike. With so much going for it, including views of the Manhattan skyline from its rooftops and waterfront parks, Greenpoint is well worth a trip on the G train.

Here are some not-to-miss spots in Greenpoint we’ve covered in past posts.

Lobster Joint
For traditional New England comfort food in Brooklyn, look no further than the Lobster Joint. The place is known for its lobster rolls, but you can eat the seafood in a variety of ways here — in a salad, soup, mac and cheese, and even shepherd’s pie. There’s also lots of other seafood to pick from, including oysters, crab, clams, salmon, and pollock. This is food best enjoyed at the communal patio tables outside.

Lobster Joint photo courtesy of Facebook. (more…)

Thrift store shopping can be a lot of fun in Brooklyn, but the competition to find the best vintage clothes can be fierce. The inventory in a Salvation Army here tends to be more picked over than its counterparts in less populated areas. These well-curated thrift shops feature an interesting mix of items and are well worth the patience required of a seasoned thrift store shopper.

Atlantis Attic 
There are many treasures to be found at this huge, haphazardly organized warehouse, whether you’re talking a perfect denim jacket for $12 or a sweet vintage wrap skirt for $9. Atlantis Attic is one of the many stores in the L Train Vintage family. (more…)