If your New Year’s resolution was to eat healthier, you’ll be happy to learn that Kings County has a number of organic grocery stores to choose from. Following are our top five picks for organic grocery stores in Cobble Hill, Park Slope, Bushwick, Brooklyn Heights, and Red Hook.

Trader Joe’s (Cobble Hill)
As the only Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn, this place is perpetually busy. Here you’ll find an extensive selection of organic fresh fruit and veggies, as well as organic meat, peanut butter, mayo, milk, coconut oil… you name it. The prices, too, are reasonable, as far as organic groceries go. Just be prepared to wait in a long checkout line.

Trader Joe’s photo courtesy of Foursquare.

Fresh meats and salads at Fifth Ave | Leo L. via Yelp

Fifth Avenue Market (Park Slope)
Although it just looks like a regular bodega, Fifth Avenue Market is a whole lot more than that. This spot is open 24 hours and sells a number of different health food and organic options, alongside snacks, drinks, frozen foods, cleaning goods, and packaged products. The deli also turns out killer sandwiches — be sure to order one with the fresh mozzarella.

Fresh produce at Bushwick Food Coop | Cassandra B. via Yelp

Bushwick Food Coop (Bushwick)
If you’re willing to join a food coop (which means volunteering to work there in exchange for discounts on groceries) look into the Bushwick Food Coop. This cozy shop is packed to the brim with organic fruit, vegetables, grains, snacks, meat, and more. Because it is run as a cooperative, you’ll find much cheaper prices here than the average grocery store. The coop atmosphere lends to a strong sense of community, as well.

All of your natural needs can be found herevia Perelandra

Perelandra Natural Food Center (Brooklyn Heights)
This Brooklyn Heights grocery store is the Shangri-La of organic grocers. Pretty much everything offered in the expansive shop is natural and organic — breads, produce, bulk grains and nuts, dairy, snacks. The store also has a kitchen and juice bar that prepares organic, vegetarian options to go.

Bright veggies at Fairway Market | Ella T. via Yelp

Fairway Market (Red Hook)
For the grocery store that has everything, make the trek down to the Red Hook waterfront and visit Fairway. It’s spacious enough that you’ll forget you’re in New York, and it carries just about everything you would need. If you’re willing to rent a car, this is a great place to stock up on healthy food and bring home your oversized haul.

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