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Street / Art, Gowanus (HAPPY HOUR version)

December 5 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

| $30

Art in the streets of gray industrial neighborhoods might seem scarce, but it’s become a rule here in Brooklyn’s largest arts community. In an area filled with signs of old industrial might, current creative industries are everywhere. And so are artists. We stop by alternative artist-run galleries and libraries and peek into art studios as we criss-cross the infamous Gowanus Canal. The stock of architecture is stunning, especially when paired with a wide range of community murals and street art. Details about this polluted Superfund site and its quirky infrastructure fill in the tour, but the meat of this walk is art. Art is in the engineering and architecture, and it’s in and on the buildings too. We venture inside and outside, finding everything from antiques to oil paintings and oddball art installations. Meet the faces of Gowanus—both new and old—and hear stories from the lips of the lively inhabitants that live and work on the banks of the “Lavendar Lake.”

This tour is a special Happy Hour version that involves booze (PRICE INCLUDED!). Another version of the tour runs 11/23