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May 16 @ 11:00 pm

New York City is known far and wide as a place for great music, and nowadays you can’t swing a dead cat around Brooklyn without hitting a bunch of guys with beards, guitars, and synthesizers. But it wasn’t always that way, for years and years almost all of the bands formed in Manhattan and probably scoffed at Brooklyn. So we thought it would be fun to pit all of Manhattan’s musical might vs. everything Brooklyn has given us.

Head On is a monthly dance battle. Resident DJs Brian Blackout, Spoolwork, and Lepaux (finally back yay!) will musically ask the hard questions like: L.E.S. vs. Williamsburg, Madonna vs Beyonce, the CBGB’s scene vs. the Glasslands set, Dev Hynes vs Lou Reed. We have a feeling this is going to get personal.

(the monthly dance battle)

with resident DJs BRIAN BLACKOUT + SPOOLWORK and returning to us from Brazil


Two DJs enter
One DJ leaves

no cover
11pm – late

@ the Bell House 149 7th St, Brooklyn

F/G/R to 4th-9th St