Brooklyn-Made is the only certification program for goods manufactured in Brooklyn, New York.

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Congratulations to new round of Brooklyn-Made Certified products, approved on January 29, 2018. Fine & Raw Chocolate, The Noble Experiment, Pecoraro Cheese , Daniell Hudson, Moto Spirits Distillary , Lineup Brewing, Poursteady, Meraki NYC, Armada New York, Ming's Monsters, Katherine Forst Mosaics, Five Boroughs Brewing Co., AUZ Design Studio, Richard Clarkson Studio, Randolph Beer DUMBO, OneDTQ, Sam's Granola, Lowercase, Luke Malaney Furniture, Home Interiors by KBalkarran. Managed by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Brooklyn-Made is a certification program for locally-made goods. The certification is a market-driven, geographically-focused certification assessing and validating products manufactured in Brooklyn, NY.

Pie Corps

Wedding Favors, Desserts & Appetizers, Corporate Gifts

Line & Label

Founded in June 2013 by Kate O'Riley, LINE & LABEL showcases emerging independent jewelry and clothing designers along with the L&L collections. Many of our items are handmade in our Greenpoint shop. We pride ourselves on offering high quality, locally made, unique products which celebrate the creative spirit of Brooklyn.

Boundless Brooklyn

We’re not sure how New Yorkers earned the reputation for being big and brash. People must be referring to all the water towers that adorn the rooftops of our limitless city. At Boundless Brooklyn, we prefer to let our model kits do the talkin'. OK, but who are the “we” we keep referring to? Well, Boundless Brooklyn is brought to you by David & Terence, two friends who met at NYU’s ITP Masters Program. David grew up in Florida, but has lived in Brooklyn for 10+ years (and is now the 4th generation of his family to call Brooklyn home). Terence is a more recent arrival, giving up the California coast to cross the Hudson & and East Rivers about 7 years ago. Now that you know who we are, we’d love to know who you are — and how, and where, you’re showing off your Boundless Brooklyn Water Towers. Let us know how ya doin’ via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email. We'd be remiss if we didn't give a huge shoutout to two people who've been instrumental to our success: our consigliere, Joel Rothman, from Schneider Rothman Intellectual Property Law Group, makes sure we don't do anything stupid...or illegal. And Nitin Bhargava — who has more than 10 years of retail and merchandising experience, including lead positions at kidrobot and MakerBot — is our fearless advisor, who, like Joel, makes sure we don't do anything stupid. Illegal? No comment.

Sure Iron Works

Established in 1984, Sure Iron Works has become one of New York City’s leading steel contractors. Specializing in complex and intricate projects, Sure Iron Works excels in all aspects of steel construction, including fabrication and erection of structural steel, miscellaneous iron and architectural metals. Led by company-founder and President Steve Horn, Sure Iron’s management team and workforce are passionately committed to producing precise and accurate steel work. Through its continued investment in new machinery and technology, the company is constantly enhancing its productive capacity. It has recently expanded its fabrication shop in East New York, Brooklyn, to include over 27,000-square-feet of production space. Sure Iron also relies on an established network of sophisticated detailers, suppliers and specialty-finish sub-contractors to support its high standards of craftsmanship. Over the last twenty five years, Sure Iron has completed a broad range of commercial and residential construction projects. Its major clients include general contractors, construction managers, engineers and architects. Sure Iron consistently completes jobs before deadline and often assists clients with the design and engineering of the work to facilitate the construction process.

Banner photo credit: Michal Zieba