Brooklyn-Made is the only certification program for goods manufactured in Brooklyn, New York.

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Congratulations to new round of Brooklyn-Made Certified products, approved on January 29, 2018. Fine & Raw Chocolate, The Noble Experiment, Pecoraro Cheese , Daniell Hudson, Moto Spirits Distillary , Lineup Brewing, Poursteady, Meraki NYC, Armada New York, Ming's Monsters, Katherine Forst Mosaics, Five Boroughs Brewing Co., AUZ Design Studio, Richard Clarkson Studio, Randolph Beer DUMBO, OneDTQ, Sam's Granola, Lowercase, Luke Malaney Furniture, Home Interiors by KBalkarran. Managed by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Brooklyn-Made is a certification program for locally-made goods. The certification is a market-driven, geographically-focused certification assessing and validating products manufactured in Brooklyn, NY.

Nunu Chocolates

The term 'Nunu' is an affectionate nickname for little kids in Africa where I spent my childhood. My mother called me "Nunu" while I was growing up and I've since heard it used as a term of endearment in many different countries and cultures. Based now in Brooklyn, my husband Andy and I started Nunu Chocolates with the belief that the world is a better place when chocolate is involved.

Neena Zeve Designs

Neena Zeve is a boutique specializing in haute couture for women. The products made by Neena Zeve consist of uniquely designed tailored sportswear, accessories, and special occasion fashions. One of the features that makes Neena Zeve's fashion stand out is the use of heritage techniques such as smocking and beading. Neena Zeve’s customers are women who want to buy statement pieces which are handmade and timeless. They are local Brooklyn customers as well as international clients.

Peg Woodworking

Peg Woodworking is a one woman operation run by designer and woodworker Kate Casey. Coming from a background in sculpture Kate began making custom designed furniture in 2013 incorporating elements of hand made joinery, Danish cord weaving, crochet, macrame and shaker techniques. Each piece is sustainably designed using non-toxic lumber, oil sealants as well as natural cotton cord. Kate has always been greatly influenced by complex geometric patterning and utilizes them regularly in the design process. Most pieces begin with a drawn geometric inspiration that evolves with the design. Kate currently lives and works in Brooklyn NY and recently attended the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship this summer.

Cool Tech HVAC

Central Air & Heating, PTAC A/C Units, Duct Cleaning, Duct Work

Banner photo credit: Michal Zieba