Brooklyn-Made is the only certification program for goods manufactured in Brooklyn, New York.

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Congratulations to new round of Brooklyn-Made Certified products, approved on February 2, 2017. Alkemy Brewlab, Brooklyn Brine, Bike Enchilada , Sure Iron Works, Masterwork Plaques , Line & Label, Leungdesigns LLC, Makers Market, Refoundry, Van Brunt Stillhouse, Legally Addictive Foods, Allette, Volckening, The Matzo Project, Copper Colored Gal Managed by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Brooklyn-Made is a certification program for locally-made goods. The certification is a market-driven, geographically-focused certification assessing and validating products manufactured in Brooklyn, NY.

Kitten Coffee

Kitten Coffee is a wholesale premium coffee roaster company based in Brooklyn, New York. For the past six years we have rented space in one of the few remaining paper cutting and line drawing factories in Brooklyn that is increasingly becoming a home to new and different Brooklyn businesses including fine soap makers and espresso machine repairers. Yes. It's a little bit like Fight Club in the nicest sort of way (especially when we get a lot of rain). We are one of only a few premium coffee roasters based in New York City. Kitten roasts 100% Arabica coffee beans grown primarily in the southeastern region of Brazil. We offer coffee from three to five different farms throughout the year. The founder of Kitten Coffee, Rowan Tuckfield, is a native of Melbourne, Australia. Why come to New York City to start a coffee roasting company? As he tells it, “The greatest city in the world deserves the greatest coffee in the world.” Rowan and his business partner, Todd Broockerd, share a passion for fine coffee, cafe culture and for the city of New York. Both men count themselves lucky to be part of a thriving community, full of enthusiastic and encouraging business owners and entrepreneurs.

Silhouette NYC LLC

Newton Brown

We provide high quality sustainable street furniture, site elements and architectural solutions for urban spaces. Craftsmanship, open communication, smart engineering and the use of innovative techniques with an integrated approach, are a few of our many added values.

Silly Phillie Creations

My name is Phyllis. But most people know me as Silly Phillie®. I am Brooklyn born and have graduated from both Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T) and Brooklyn College. I started Silly Phillie Creations more than 30 years ago based on a dream. My dream was to bring a sense of fashion, excitment, and a touch of whimsy to baby products. Over the years I've been fortunate to create some of the most enduring and unique baby gifts. The Original Baby Hoagie™, Welcome Wagons™, Special Delivery Pizza™, Sweet Baby Cakes™, & Rocking Horse Baby Gifts are just a few examples of our classic baby gifts. The Silly Phillie® difference A clever design alone does not make a fabulous baby gift. Other essential qualities you'll find in a Silly Phillie® gift are: 1. An emphasis on Quality. Our baby gifts are made with only quality layette items & accessories. 2. Ability to customize. We're able to customize & personalize gifts because we make them ourselves in Brooklyn! 3. Attention to detail. A Silly Phillie® baby gift looks fabulous because it is made to order, never mass produced. We have a wide selection of wonderful baby gifts to choose from. Please don't hesitate to call us toll free (855.885.3900) if you have any questions or special requests.

Banner photo credit: Michal Zieba